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We are a team of young, enthusiastic, goal oriented professionals who take our work very seriously, all set to give your organization the creative edge and the success story you deserve! We are  a creative band of digital wizards ,  think tanks, digital gurus, data crunchers and SEO ninjas. If you are looking to exponentially grow and be known, YOUR SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT TEAM.  STOPS HERE.

In a world of post- modernism, everything is a copy of a copy of a copy, we at Creonative Media seek to break the cycle, “Create with creativity”, our brand name striving always to create something that has never been seen, read about or heard of before.

About us

“KAMAI IA KA HOK” ; “to perform one’s duty well, to live justly and work honestly”.

Nestled in the sky kissed hills of mist of Shillong, lies a digital marketing companywho greatly values this timeless Khasi saying and seeks to always give high value to ethics.

“Creonative Media” – To create with CREATIVITY. Everything we do is fresh, new and appeals to your target audience like no other.

 We can help you get noticed, being a leading online marketing agency with a proven track record of helping companies substantially increase business. We offer innovative solutions internationally. Whether small or large, newbie or Global biggie, our buzzing team of creative geniuses including data analysts, visionary photographers and digital experts will enable your business to grow to its full potential and make sure your brand leaves it’s mark on the Global Map!



Who created our brand

Meba Vandrame Nongrum


Meda Me-I Diengdoh Tron


Imlirenba Lemtur


Smita Neog

PR and Social Media Manager

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